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Light industry - these are objects of warehouse and industrial purposes ranging in size from 500 to 2500 square meters. meters. Already, the format represents a quarter of the warehouse market with the prospect of rapid growth. The capitalization of this segment in the Moscow region is about 150 billion rubles.

When did this format appear
It appeared in Russia about a year ago. It is worth noting that this segment has long been developed in Western Europe and the United States, and the “light industrial” format exceeds the size of large-sized warehouses, the so-called Big Box. Industrial and warehouse facilities of this type are increasingly popular, which helps owners of Light Industrial to solve many problems:

Format Benefits
Compact format, all turnkey and comfortable living environment, no need to invest in land, draw up documentation. In the case of light industry, everything is ready and as adaptive as possible for production. In addition, digitalization allows enterprises to increase the speed of data exchange.
In addition, special energy costs, flexibility, mobility, and versatility are not required.

Who will suit
This format of buildings is in demand among companies and individual entrepreneurs. These include small agricultural, service, distribution and trading companies, online stores.

In addition, light industry storage facilities are successful for small enterprises that do not make sense to erect or rent huge areas.


There are great prospects for development in the format of light industry next to large industrial parks. sq. meters from companies that are suppliers or manufacturers.

Light industry in the suburbs

Stroyalliance Holding has already built light industry in the Sykovo Industrial Park. The company "Esipovo" is building an industrial and warehouse complex in the format of Light Industrial. Investments in the project exceeded 400 million rubles, it is planned to create 125 new jobs at the facility.

The investor has built a complex that meets all RSM standards. All of them have all the necessary digital capabilities.

The Industrial City Esipovo complex will consist of two production and storage blocks with a total area of ​​13 thousand square meters. sqm These are high-quality universal rooms with modules from 600 sq.m. Here, residents can locate production, warehouse, show room, office.