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Any entrepreneur in the Moscow region can receive preferential financing
The Moscow Regional Microfinance Fund has lowered the interest rate on microloans. It is from 4.5% per annum. Microloans for small and medium-sized businesses can be provided with deferred payment of the main debt.
“To implement this program, the Microfinance Fund near Moscow was allocated 200 million rubles from the regional budget. These funds will be used to restore enterprises after a pandemic, and to purchase raw materials and additional equipment. In addition, the funds can be spent on any goals necessary for the work. By the end of the month, the Fund will receive another 198 million rubles from the regional and federal budgets, ”said Natalia Egorova, Minister of Investments, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region.
The Moscow Regional Microfinance Fund has already provided 80 microloans this year for a total of 171 million rubles. Over the past week, 15 loans worth 34 million rubles were issued. Moreover, every third loan is issued at a minimum rate. Among the recipients are food producers, children's centers, service companies, and farmers. The Fund also launched a program for granting loans for the execution of state contracts on special conditions (with a loan amount of up to 1.5 million rubles, no collateral is required).
Additional information on measures to support entrepreneurs of the Moscow Region is available on the region’s investment portal: