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Mininvest near Moscow announced measures to support business that will continue after the pandemic
About 80% of Moscow Region companies have already resumed their work. The business community cares about what support measures will remain in the region after the end of the high alert.

“In order to accelerate the pace of economic recovery, we decided to maintain many support measures. It will still be profitable to buy new equipment for production, we will continue to reimburse 50% of the costs (30% were reimbursed before the pandemic). The reduced preferential rate on microloans will remain (before the pandemic, it was 6.5%, and now it is 5.5%). The reduction of insurance premiums from 30% to 15% will also continue, ”said Natalia Egorova, Minister of Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region.

The rate for providing guarantees continues to decline. Before the pandemic, it was 1%; from June 8, the interest rate on loan guarantees was reduced to 0.5%.